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Julia Holden is Director of the European Observatory of Crimes and Security and a veteran investigative journalist and researcher focused on transnational crime and criminal networks. Julia is based in London but her work has spanned three continents, contributing analysis to major publications on drug cartels in Latin America as well as organised crime syndicates in Eastern Europe and Russia. In launching EU-OCS, Julia hopes to reveal the dark underbelly of the European economy: the hidden networks and illicit dealings hiding in plain sight. She can be reached at jholden[at]





Kacper Piotrowski is a financial crime and cybercrime specialist with a background in forensic accounting. Now based in Kraków, Kacper previously worked in London on money laundering cases involving the UK financial sector. He is EU-OCS’s in-house resource on illicit finance, white-collar crime and ecrime. He can be reached at kpiotrowski[at]




Radka Šestáková is an expert on criminal networks in central and southern Europe. Based in Prague, Radka’s work has previously focused on mafia organisations active in southern Italy and the Balkans and detailed weapons trafficking and smuggling networks between these countries. In addition to her work on EU-OCS, Radka has contributed her expertise as an analyst to a number of Czech print publications. She can be reached at rsestakova[at]





charlotteCharlotte Séguin is a political analyst specialising in governance and corruption issues. Originally from Paris but currently based in Brussels, Charlotte’s work as a researcher and consultant has helped policymakers and private sector clients develop and enforce transparency standards across the European Union. She can be reached at cseguin[at]

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